Bling Bling featuring ROCKSBOX

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I’m a big jewelry fan. I could wear ripped jeans and an oversized tee but with the right jewelry, I feel like I can make a fashion statement. This is why I like ROCKSBOX. It’s a jewelry subscription box for only $19! Just like any other subscription box, after signing up, you take a quick style survey and you receive 3 pieces of jewelry on loan. The good part is you can wear it for as long as you want! And when you’re ready to get new pieces, you can just send it right back with the free postage stamps included and get ready to plan the outfits around the new pieces you are about to get! Wanna keep the bling? You can always purchase them if you want! I just received my first rocksbox and I can’t wait to style it! Your first subscription is on me! Just type ptowngirlsxoxo as your coupon code.


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