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It’s so nice to meet other bloggers from other places and do some awesome collaborations. My blogger friend Laura from Have Need Want asked me to do a series on my hometown, I got really excited! I’ve lived in Portland for over 15 years and yet, I still discover new places to eat, shop, and things to do all the time. Someone told me that Portland is “where young people retire”and I think I believe that. Come visit sometime and you’ll know what I’m talking about:) With the help of my friend Heather {such an amazing photographer}, we rounded up our top three’s for each category…

This one was really hard for us since there are a gazillion great place to eat in Portland so we decided to just go with sweets. That’s not a problem right? Everyone loves sweets!

Photos by: Heather Amistad {instagram}
Salt and Straw Ice Cream: Local and addicting. They have the weirdest combinations of ice cream flavors I have ever tasted. My favorite is the Almond Brittle with Chocolate Ganache..yummy! I’m glad they’ve expanded and opened their first out of state shop in LA. They great thing is, you can sit there all day and try their samples! Check out their Thanksgiving Menu
Pip’s Original Doughnuts: Local and satisfying. Really cozy atmosphere on the east side of town. Staff is super friendly and the donuts that are made fresh as you order are so light and fluffy! They also change up their flavors once in a while. Oh PS: they also make their own in house chai tea latte. Great combo!
Heart Coffee Roasters: Our favorite spot for early coffee and treats! Great ambiance, again local and they had a few vegan or dairy free options. What more could you ask for?
Like the food, this one was also really hard for us to collect. I tried my best to give you a variety.
School House Electric & Supply CO: If you want some awesome furniture and some hip lighting concepts for your home or wherever, this is the place for you. It’s like stepping into a pinterest post every corner. They have the coolest merch from lighting to jewelry {yes jewelry} you wouldn’t want to leave this spot. Does it help that there’s also a super hip cafe inside?
Powell’s Bookstore: The largest independent new and used bookstore in the world! I can literally get lost here! They have never let me down. Every time I come here to find the book I’m looking for, they have it! They have different rooms and sections so I guess people won’t get so lost in there, I mean it’s huge! They also carry a large selection of magazines and gifts. One stop shop for christmas!
Table of Contents: I love this shop and it’s decor–very minimalistic which is great for me because sometimes, it could get overwhelming to shop at a huge store. They sell a lot of designer clothing from Acne to Comme de Garcons. The vibe is super edgy, super cool. You don’t want to miss this one when you’re in town!
As far as doing, I am choosing to give you a more nature like approach…this is Portland after all.
Multnomah Falls: Portland is so green that you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing falls. The drive is only thirty minutes from the city and when you get to the top, the sight of this cascading falls is amazing. Great for #selfies and #wefies.
Riding our Bikes: More and more Portlanders have committed to their bikes as a form of transportation. I on the other hand only like to ride bikes during the spring and summer. I love being with my family and riding our bikes around the esplanade and during the summer, there is what we call a Bridge Pedal where you can ride your bike through the bridges of Portland!
Portland Bridges: Speaking of bridges, this dock in the summer time is amazing! It’s serene it’s close to the water and maybe even a picnic? You can peep into the river and some of the amazing bridges we have. Have a look at the amazing boats that are out there…just don’t get splashed on and fall..yikes!
Well, I hope you enjoyed my tiny piece on my city! The best time to visit is Spring. The weather is just perfect to be able to enjoy this wonderful place! I hope to see some of you soon:)
**Thanks Laura for the collaboration and a huge thanks to my friend Heather for the photos!

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