Monday Rant: My Home Birth

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I did it!

Last sunday, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy and we named him Acer. He was 7 lbs. 8oz. Bigger than my first one. Contractions started kicking in at around 4:30am and it didn’t stop so I knew that this was the day it was going to happen. It was a beautiful day really, but of course I was praying through contractions that this was going to be an easy birth (at least less pain than the first one) but I felt like this one was a little bit harder. 

This is my second time having a home birth. Now, I’m no expert but I feel like I was way more prepared through it than the first. I knew what to expect and I knew how it would feel so I mentally prepared myself to know what was about to happen. I hope by sharing to you what I did to prepare, it could help you go through your birth with certainty and get you through it!

home birth, portland blogger, lifestyle blogger, fashion blogger, pdx life, birth prep, motherhood

1. No Matter what, You HAVE TO take deep breathes.
When it got closer for me to push, the contractions were soooo painful that I would forget to breathe. And this was causing for the baby to come out later than sooner. Instead of focusing on the pain, my partner reminded me that taking deep breathes will help the baby’s oxygen as well.
2. Have a meeting with your birth team.
I gotta say, my squad was the best! I wouldn’t know what to do without them. We had a meeting a couple of weeks before my due date to discuss what their roles are. When the birth came, they were prepared and they knew what was about to happen. 
3. Stock up on electrolytes.
You have to hydrate yourself during birth. I swear by coconut water. I had a few bottles in the fridge and I also made ice cubes out of them. They came in handy in between contractions especially leading to the finale because I was feeling really shaky and weak. It’s nice to bite into the ice cubes for concentration purposes!

4. Have everything in one spot for after the birth.
Whatever you’re planning to wear and the baby wear after the birth and any other things you want for after should all be in one spot. The last thing you want is to be telling people where to get you fresh pajamas and where you kept the baby’s clothes. With both my births, I knew a nice set of sheets will be nice afterwards, so I invested on these sheets from target. I also loved having a fresh robe for after (didn’t wanna expose my nakedness in front of people rushing in to see the new baby).

5. Prepare some Padsicles.
You’re probably wondering what the hell those are. I swear they will save your hooha for after. Here’s a pretty good recipe I found on Pinterest.

Well, I hope this helps if you’re having a home birth. This is just what worked for me. Did you have a home birth? What did you do to prepare for this? Leave a comment below!


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