Monday Rant: Prenatal Yoga and My Favorite Sports Bra

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I’m halfway there!

I only have four months left before this baby decides to pop out into the world. I’m super excited but at the same time, I’m nervous. It’s been eleven years (yes that long, and yes I’m that old) since I last delivered and although I know what to expect, there’s still an underlying thought in the back of my head of how it felt. I’m also 11 years older. My body is not how it used to be. Let’s be honest here, at work, we have these stairs and I go up and down slowly and super out of breath lol.

So here I am thinking I have to really start to work out. Besides the normal stretching that I do, I’ve ventured back into the world of Prenatal Yoga. I’m still looking for a spot close to my work but I started to do them at home. I’m also on the hunt for a new sports bra. With pregnancy your chest grows quite a bit (pretty exciting for me, I’m super flat chested haha)–okay maybe a little TMI but back to the sports bra, like clothes, I’m all about comfort. I need to feel like I’m not too hot or being suffocated while I’m working out.

My favorite at the moment is the Power Core Compression Cami Sports Bra from C9 at Target. First of all, they have the cutest designs and there’s a lot to choose from when I went to my local target. Second, I like the seamless feature making it really comfy for moving and stretching. Since this is a compression sports bra, I went up one size up just so It doesn’t feel too tight but that’s just my personal preference. You can always adjust the straps which is awesome!
Oh and did I mention that it was pretty reasonable priced at $16.99? Any of you preggos out there feel the same about choosing work out gear? Let me know on the comments below:)


*This post was in collaboration with Influenster and Target.  All opinions expressed are my own and this was not edited by any third parties. Thank you for supporting the brands that support The P.Town Gilrs!
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