Monthly Favorites November 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve done my monthly favorites. I feel like I got lost into motherhood there for a while that I couldn’t keep up with the groove of life. Today, I’m back and am happy to share some of the things I’ve been obsessing over and lately, I’ve been doing a little bit of shopping so I’m going to share with you some of the things I bought and some of the things I’ve also discovered along the way for the month of November. Let’s start shall we….

Okay, so my work is super close to a Trader Joe’s and I literally keep craving their Kale and Edemame salad! I mean there was a point in time where that’s all I would eat for lunch. Maybe my body is just totally craving some sort of veggies. I love the balance between the kale, edamame, and the cranberries. Oh and the dressing is just to die for! It has the right tang to it! You should try it, you can thank me later for the addiction.

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I’ve been really into boxier sweaters with mock necks. I love feeling cozy so to me a soft, chunky, cover me up kind of sweater is my type of jams! This white one in particular has been on repeat and I got it on sale at Forever 21! I got a size medium because I wanted it to be comfy. I can’t find the exact one but this one is just as good.

This is more like hygiene related but my friends at WooBamboo sent over these bamboo toothbrushes and some floss for the family to try. I’ve never used a bamboo toothbrush before and I must say, this changes the game people. First of all, it’s environmentally friendly and the handles are biodegradable and they use most bamboo which aren’t the ones the panda’s eat. And I think the biggest part that sold me to this, is that bacteria won’t grow on my handles! They are sold in a lot of stores too, very easy to find! Oh yeah get 20% off on your first order just type in PTOWNGIRLS20

Okay I’ve been listening to Sza non stop, I just love her voice and when she did a collab with Maroon 5, I mean that’s just the jams right? Her album Ctrl is seriously so good! You will just have to listen to it!

Okay so I usually like to go shopping inside an actual store because then I’m able to really check out the clothes and try it on but lately I have been shopping online and you can blame it on Boohoo’s website. I came across this website while looking up something online and it was just one of those pop up things you know? I was curious and 20 minutes later, I was ordering things from them! GREAT!! Now I’m addicted and I probably have shopped with them 3 times this November. Super cute, chic clothing and super affordable. They always have sales everyday. Like literally.

There you have it! My faves for the month of November. Be sure to follow along Instagram if you’re interested to see my daily outfit inspirations!


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