Nail Polish Rave: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat & Fuzzy Coat

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I have been in search of textured nail polish for a long time since I’ve been following beauty blogger Nouveau Cheap (check out her blog here). Then on a recent trip to target, I found a new stand for the Sally Hansen Sugar Coat & Fuzzy Coat! I was sooooo happy I had the crazy urge to buy all freaking colors but you know, I can’t afford that so I bought one of each just to try. I must say I really love the sugar coat’s texture! It was a little rough at first but I love how it looked on my nails and the color is perfect for summer time. I put the fuzzy coat on my friend Rosselle’s and she also loved it! The differences between both the polishes is that fuzzy coat has little 3D little string things that are visible. You have to at least try one of these polishes. I’m obsessing over it! 

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