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Happy Tuesday! I’m gonna be honest peeps. Not a make up guru but I love trying new makeup. I also don’t claim to know a lot about makeup but I know what works for me, and I know what I like. Having a 13 year old, (she just started 8th grade this year..*enter crying emoji*) her and her friends can most definitely school me on what’s up with the latest make up out there. I’ve gotten used to always using the same brands because I know that it will look good on me.

I’m also a mom and therefore, I’m always really out the door before I can even put on mascara trying to chase our little 2 year old! Finally, I’ve managed to go on a trip to Las Vegas last June and I wanted to try some new makeup. I’ve tried other new things since then and I have some great things to say about each one. So today on the blog, I want to mention some of the new make up I’ve started using and can’t live without.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

I was first introduced to this by the blogger community through Instagram and I figured if I keep seeing it pop up, then I should at least try right? I first went to Nordstrom to try it out. I initially wanted the illuminating kind because I had a vision that I was going to glow like J.Lo from waiting for tonight at the clubs you know? (Also, you can tell how old I am if I’m babbling about the first J.Lo video) anyway, after trying out, the salesperson told me that I should stick to the original formula if I don’t wear make up everyday because I can always add highlights and contour later.

First impression: Smooth application, hydrating to my face (I have really dry, sensitive skin) and it’s not too heavy. I didn’t care that it was $43, I bought it! I still use it and I really feel like I have found my new tinted moisturizer. Sorry, Garnier but we will have to part ways.

Benefit Bad Gal BANG! Mascara

Okay, I’ve already been a big fan or Benefit mascaras to begin with so this was a familiar territory for me. But thanks to my teenage daughter and her friends’ obsessiveness to make up, they introduced me to BANG! which I’m super thankful for because I love this one’s formula! My mascara go to was They’re Real, also from Benefit but this one just obviously took first place.

First impression: It doesn’t clump, it makes my lashes have great volume, and it naturally curls my lashes. Definitely didn’t need some falsies! I also like the brush and how it separates my lashes. I didn’t even need to do a lot of coating.

Guize by Face FX

This is the ultimate “Mom” makeup. The whole contour powder collection is all I need! I’ve never heard of this brand before but when they contacted me to try the contour collection, I got really excited! There are three shades and I got the Daylight collection which is supposed to be for medium complexion. This is the ultimate palette. It has the highlight, contour, bronzer, and shimmer all in one! I mean, for a busy mom like me, this is all I really need to complete my look! I was surprised when I first tried it!

First Impression: This palette is bank! For $40, this is a good deal and very efficient for a mom like me or for someone who is always on the go! When I first tried the palette, I was impressed by the packaging. It’s so chic and I like the minimal design. Also this palette has pigment. I literally only need to dub my brush a little bit and the color payoff is amazing! Thank you Guize Face FX for introducing me to this palette! My new favorite!

Amuse Liquid Illuminator 

I’m a big fan of Shop Miss A. I buy a lot of my jewelry and other little tools there because almost everything is just $1. Yes Friends! $1!! I happen to check out their highlighters because why not, and I just had to try this one. I’m glad I did because I’m obsessed with it!

First Impression: It glides smooth onto the skin, the colors are just really great and pigmented. Who can beat the $1 price seriously. I’m about to try their other illuminators too! I like to add a little bit more shimmer to my face for the ultimate glow up, dewy look!

Okay so have you tried any of these makeup that I mentioned? Tell me what you think or if you have any suggestions, let me know too!






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