Petite + Plus Size Thrift Haul

I know that this is long overdue but I finally partnered with my friend Candace and created a thrift haul plus a try on for y’all!! I’m so excited that we got to do this together and [...]


My New Favorite Rain Boots

In the PNW, if you don’t own a pair of rain boots or waterproof shoes, you are missing out! Because rain boots out here, is life. I’ve had my fair share of rain boots but I [...]


You can still wear Slip Dresses this Fall

A slip dress is always going to be a staple in my closet. It’s just not for bed. It’s one of the pieces that I feel like can make up an outfit. It’s an easy outfit for me to [...]


Why I love the Cropped Pant and Jeans Trend

I don’t know what it is about showing a little leg but I’m loving the whole cropped pants and jeans look. There’s something rebellious about the look. But at the same time, [...]


New Year, Better Late than Never

Yasss! It’s so good to be back in my element. Happy New Year everyone! I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that I’m made some changes to the blog. I’ve been working on [...]


How to Look Stylish in a Puffer

photo by: Maynard Villaflores   The temperature in Portland truly dropped this week. With the rain and wind mixed in, it’s been freezing! Half my closet has coats (because I’m a [...]


How to wear Snakeskin Booties

I love to purchase statement accessories especially when it comes to shoes. It challenges me to think outside of my comfort zone. I know that the snakeskin trend has had it’s time on the [...]


Graphic Sweaters and Slim Straights for Fall

I’m in my mid thirties but lately, I have been loving graphic sweaters. It’s funny because my 12 year old likes her clothing a little “plain” lately and I feel like [...]


Faux Fur Love

My love for the faux fur sweaters this fall is unreal. Something about it makes a piece a little bit more edgy and chic. I first fell in love with it last year when I saw a lot of my fave babe [...]


Blue Ruffled Summer Dress

photos by: Maynard Villaflores Summer is in full effect here in Portland. Since we it got hot here late in the game, I figured it’s not too late to still wear my summer dresses. I’ve [...]