Fun Holiday Pajamas

 In Fashion, Lifestyle

Who would’ve thought I would be into the matching holiday pajamas until this year? Since I’ve seen it pop up everywhere, I was definitely in the hunt for something that my family can wear but I wanted a fun print. Different from your normal patterns that you see out there.

I was so happy that Shinesty reached out and showed me the new meaning of holiday clothing! I was so shocked to see that they had so many options on their website. From pajamas to jumpsuits, to undies. I mean they had everything that you would need for the holidays. Did I mention the most fun patterns and unique that I’ve seen? Here’s a pic of us wearing it to our friend’s Shannon and Christian’s 10th Annual Holiday Party. We definitely turned heads with our Gingerbread Ninja jammies! Everyone loved them because they were so unique. They also were super comfy the toddler loved it!

It was also awesome to see it with different pockets and buttons. (Still couldn’t figure out what they were for) but they were interesting. Let me know if you have tried this brand. I will definitely go there next year for a matching suit! Definitely made my life way better…

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