2013: A Look Back..

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2013 is a great year for me. It’s not all rainbows and lollipops let me tell you but I felt like this was a year of self caring and really learning about myself and my self happiness. Maybe that just comes as you grow older. I loved travelling with my friends and family. I want to do more of that for 2104! I found myself back into the creative swing of things when I decided to find a new job and I’m enjoying it. Crea has done a lot this year too! From theaters to snowboarding she has been such a great daughter, I couldn’t ask for the perfect angel. I feel so blessed that I have been given a great group of friends who have been supportive throughout my blogging journey lol! 
To everyone, I wish you all the best this upcoming new year! May it be filled with happiness and prosperity! CHEERS!!!

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