August Favorites: Mom Edition

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Happy September!

There’s only a few weeks left until I have to go back to work *insert crying emoji*. Being a new mom all over again, I forgot how hard it is. That’s probably why I just now got around to writing this post. I wanted to do something different for my favorites because I want to share these life saving products that I’ve been using since the little bambino was born. Hopefully it will help other new moms out there too! Drum roll please…

Holy grail of nipple cream! I seriously would have the most painful nipples from breastfeeding (this little munchkin will eat all day) if it weren’t for this salve. It has all natural ingredients and great oils that calms the breast nerves. And the packaging is so cute! They have other merch as well that I will be buying for myself!
Don’t get me wrong, strollers are great but sometimes, having a baby carrier is so much more faster and a time saver. I remember with my first one, I had a really hard time figuring out the car seat then trying to undo the stroller and putting it up. It gave me stress I don’t really need. With the Bjorn, it was much easier to just carry baby close to me and he sleeps a lot longer. 
3. Nursing scarf
This one from Nuroo Baby is so soft, and not to mention super fashionable! It’s so versatile because it also turns into a scarf! I use this when I’m out and about when I know I’m going to be where there’s a lot of people. 
4. Snacks
When you have a newborn, you’re hormones are all over the place which means, you’re more likely to  be hangry, irritable, and tired. I know that lately, I’ve been keeping a few high protein snacks by my bedside table just because when you never know when that hungry is going to kick in to hold you over. Since I’m breastfeeding, I also have a huge water bottle handy especially in the car.

5. Moisturizer
I noticed that my skin has been super dry lately, since I’ve given birth. I have been using the Laneige Water Mask moisturizer and it works wonders on my face. I put it on twice a day, after I shower and before I go to bed at night.

I hope you enjoyed skimming through my blog post today. Do you have any favorites? Share them on the comment below! Would love to learn a thing or two!


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