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Photo Credit: Nikki De Leon from Just Stills Photography

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A on the blog, I was too busy stuffing my face over the weekend at Feast Portland. This is my first time attending a food festival, and let me tell you, those foodies know how to party! {and eat}. I had the most amazing time and I was at the happiest place on earth! I’ve learned so much about the food industry and got to meet some amazing chefs, bloggers, and writers from all over the country. I also met some of the local food bloggers in Portland. 

With my fellow Portland Bloggers
The best part about all this is they are doing this for a good cause. Buying a ticket will support the expansion of 300 meal programs for Partners for a Hunger free Oregon.  Since 2012, Feast Portland has raised over $162,000 towards this cause.
The super chill Nong {right} from Nong’s Khao Mang Ghai 

The Sentinel Hotel

Drink Tank: Why do we Drink? Presented by Bon appetit

really good ketchup from Red Duck

Madelines biscuit and gravy style soon yummy!

Huge thanks for Feast Portland for giving me a wonderful experience and I can’ wait until next year! WOOT!!

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