Girl, you are looking Shiny in those Vinyl Pants

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black vinyl pants, hi top convers, white turtle neck

Okay, I’ll admit, I was a little scared styling the vinyl pants but what the heck! I went for it anyway. It’s funny because the other day, my partner and I were having a nice fashion convo (which seldom happens), and he was telling me that “just because it’s on trend, doesn’t mean it looks good on everyone”. So that got me thinking, do I just fall involve with a trend, buy it, even if it doesn’t look good one me? I put it to the test. I went for it anyway. Brunch with the gal pals and I thought I pulled it off quite nicely.

I obviously couldn’t pull of the rock and roll type of vinyl wearing gal but I muted the shine with my high top converse, a nice demur white soft turtleneck that was so comfortable, it made it into my current monthly favorites where you can read here. Speaking of brunch, I had so much fun meeting other Portland Bloggers. It’s always amazing meeting other people who are doing the same things as you and we all got to know each other really well. Everyone was so nice, I can’t wait to do another brunch with these awesome humans!

black vinyl pants, hi top convers, white turtle neck

pants: boohoo // white turtleneck: forever 21 // hi-top converse: converse

black vinyl pants, hi top convers, white turtle neck

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  • Jason

    Hello! Is your P-Town in reference to Portland OR?

    Well as far as the vinyl pants go. I love them and worn the “mens version” for about 28 years now. Yes they draw attention and aren’t for everyone.

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