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Fall is just around the corner and although we’ve already seen so many lounge wear, I myself can’t get enough of them and that’s why here’s another set of goods from my fave Femme Luxe Finery. If you follow me in any of my social media platforms, you already know that I’m a big fan of comfort and lately I’ve been into matching outfits. I chose some neutral colors to wear this time because just like any pumpkin spice cold brew loving people, I am also looking forward to fall.

The first look is this Brown Ribbed Belted lounge wear set. I fell in love with the color and it’s long sleeves. Perfect for cozy nights or even paired with some sneakers for a casual look for running errands. The fit is true to size but the pants were a little longer than I anticipated.

This next set is the Wine Long Sleeve top jogger set. I immediately gravitated towards the material because it’s soft and comfortable. Ultimate lounge wear! I also like the color. Something different. I wore this the other night and honestly ended up sleeping with it on since it’s so comfy. Again, this was true to size with a lot of room.

Up next is the Stone Rib Two piece lounge wear. The color looked different from the website hence, I wasn’t expecting it to be too light. The fabric was comfortable and ribbed just like the brown one except for this one had short sleeves and the pants ran a little too long, I had to fold it. I just felt like I blended in when I wore it. I still will wear it around the house to lounge in for sure.

This tie dye shirt I was so excited about! I love the shoulder pads that came with it and it’s perfect to wear with jeans and shorts in the remaining hot weather during August. And plus who doesn’t like tie dye?

I’m also putting some of my faves down below just in case you’re interested in more lounge wear. Cause if you’re like me, it’s lounge wear and comfort for fall and let’s be honest for the rest of the year;)

Pink Belted Lounge wear, Purple Tie Dye Shorts Lounge wear, Dark Grey cuffed joggers, and Black Ribbed Twist front loungewear



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