NEW Favorite Social Platform: BEAUCOO

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Hey guys! It has been a week since I last wrote on my blog. The reason being is that I have been attacked by the flu virus! Aaaargggh!!! I knew I should’ve just taken the flu shot when I was suppose to but me being stubborn totally flaked. Oh well, I’m feeling a lot better but that’s not what I’m about to write about at this moment. I have been at home in bed and the only thing I can really do which I enjoy is to research and search for other blogs, blogging network, and any social media platforms where I can get to know people who share the same passion as me. Then I stumbled upon BEAUCOO. You know when you see something on google, and you just keep clicking the links cause it just keeps leading you to the cool stuff and then you have an aha moment? That’s exactly what happened to me!! I found out about BeauCoo and immediately went to their sight, signed up on both web and my iPhone and I’m super hooked!

What is BeauCoo?  It’s a women’s only, body positive online community where we are able to share and connect with other women with similar body types and dimensions so that it’s easier for us to find brands and clothing styles that will make us look and feel great.


I love it because sometimes, when I shop especially online, I don’t know how things will fit. But with BeauCoo, it’s simple. You can actually see women who has the same size and dimensions as you and when a user post an outfit, they can let you know if the clothing fits true to size and you can get ideas on how to style it! You can comment on their posts and tell them that you love it and even better, you can save the image on your profile for a wish list later! Are you sold yet or what?!!! But wait there’s more…

In addition to web, you can totally download the app on any smart phone! It’s available right now for free!!! You can either log in from your facebook account or register. Easy!


I know that there’s a lot of women that think only certain body types join these kinds of things…believe me,  BeaCoo really is for women with every body type and I promise that you will find someone with a similar size as you just like I did! It’s a great way to meet and to connect with other positive ladies around the world! GIRLS ROCK after all!!!

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