Wishful Thinking: One Night Abroad

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It’s been a couple of months now since I got back from my amazing trip in Italy. Unfortunately, I was only there for two weeks {there’s this thing called a job I had to get back to…} when I get another chance to go, I won’t even think twice! 

I’m an art major so to be able to see all of the amazing art in Rome and learn about its history was a major excitement for me. Not to mention some of the best gelatos and pasta dishes I’ve ever tried! Keeping it casual while walking around the city was key cause let’s be real, I’m not gonna be worrying about my feet hurting… yah feel me? And the beaches; need I say more?
I don’t speak any Italian so that was one of the struggles that I encountered. Language translation companies like Smartling are great for translation services, especially for different businesses and websites, and this would have been very helpful for me! They also have an app for your smart phone and iPads for easy access wherever you are. This way, it is easier for both parties to communicate. I will definitely be using it on my next Italy trip! I’d like to stay and chat but it’s time to wake up to reality, I gotta go back to work…

Jumpsuit: Moddeals {sold out but here’s similar}
Watch: Betsey Johnson
Sandals: Dolce Vita via Nordstrom Rack

Swimsuit: Old Navy {old}
Hat: H&M

Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe
Top: H&M
Bottoms: Old Navy


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