Black and White Loafers

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I used to see my dad run around in the 80’s wearing these super iconic “preppy” penny loafer shoe. He used to rock them with his faded jeans and a button up. I remember not liking that “look” when I was a child but now that I’m older, I understand why my dad wore them so much! The loafers came originally from The Spauldings in the 1930’s.

That family invented a slip on shoe and named it the “loafer”. In 1936, G.H. Bass and Co. an american company, put their own little twist on the said loafer and put a band on it since Mrs. Bass was said to send her hubby every morning with a kiss so the strap looked like lips with it’s opening. Back in the day, the pay phones were becoming popular and it took 2 pennies to make a call. So what did the youngins did? They stuck a penny in each shoe since it was the perfect “pocket” for it! That’s how it got the name “penny loafers”.
All throughout the 60’s the penny loafers grew so big and had its moments with the Ivy Leaguers. Then we all know Michael Jackson was pretty big on them as well. I remember thinking, he was so cool with the socks and the high waters (you can tell I’m a big fan of MJ, huge actually)! Today, the loafers in different designs are totally making a comeback! I’m loving the one’s I’m wearing. So cute with the bows and super comfy! What do you think of the loafers? Would you wear them?

Black Tee: Thrifted
Blazer: H&M
Ripped Jeans: Old Navy Rockstars
Necklace: {old}
Loafers: Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff {runs a little big-get a size smaller}

Photo Credit: the smithsonian

photo credit:

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