DIY: Peter Pan Collar Necklace!

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So I’ve been really into crafts lately maybe because I don’t go out that much anymore, or it’s just really freaking cold outside so I’ve put all my energy into being crafty…who knows, maybe I’ll be really good at it. I’ve been watching and reading DIY craft projects and I for the longest time I’ve been wanting to make my very own Peter Pan Collar necklace since they sell them at the store for like an arm and a leg lol. So this was the outcome of my first DIY Peter Pan Collar necklace. 

It was really easy to make. The materials were really affordable. I got mine at a Michael’s craft store and they had tons of beads to choose from. It did take me a while to make this. Thankfully my friends helped me. I can’t wait to wear it! This would be a perfect statement necklace to wear with just a simple long sleeved shirt!!

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