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Hello Guys! I did a review a month ago for an online glasses company called FIRMOO. I was really impressed by the quality of the glasses and I love how chic they are! I’ve been wearing them nonestop! If you haven’t seen my review click here🙂 Now on to the giveaway:

I’m so excited about the sunnies giveaway! 6 Winners will win an $20 e-voucher that they can use to get sunglasses. Remember they can only be used for sunglasses. Here’s a quick link to their sunglasses page. Some really cute ones, I assure you: CUTE SUNGLASSES HERE

The Rules are Simple:

1. You must be subscribed to my youtube channel: ThePTownGirls
2. You must LIKE Firmoo on Facebook
3. Visit and comment down below what style you would like to have if you were chosen to win:)

The giveaway will only last for 10 days! (It will end: May 25, 2013 11:59pm pacific Time)Unfortunately firmoo can only ship to certain countries so please make sure you click here to find out where they can send and who can participate.

**IF you are a minor, we need your parents permission to win:)
Here are some pics of bloggers rockin firmoo sunglasses:

Until the next one,


**Disclaimer: Although this is a sponsored giveaway, I am not getting compensated for this. All opinions are my own.

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