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I love Drew Barrymore! Who doesn’t? So when I heard that she was launching a new makeup line, you know I was all over it! But to my dismay, it wasn’t in my local walmart. So I went online and I chose a few things that I thought was fun to try. Didn’t wanna go overboard since I haven’t really tried her makeup before, I didn’t wanna get crazy and get carried away. So let’s get started….

I’m a lipstick junkie so there’s quite a few that I ordered. There are two kinds of lipsticks in the Flower cosmetic line–Flower Kiss Stick Velvet lip color which is more like a matte finish and then there’s the Flower Kiss Stick High Shine lip color which is suppose to have a high shine finish. I got two colors for each.

LS17 Rosebud

Notice how the color doesn’t match the
actual product? I don’t mind though…

Swatches on my hand

LS13 Ginger Lily

Not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed when I tried the velvet lip colors. I was really crushing on the colors that I chose, and I understand that they are matte, but when I put them on my lips, right away they were like dry and after a few hours, I had to put some babylips on and reapply because the cracks were starting to show on my lips and I was not tryin to come out my office lookin cray! Don’t get me wrong the packaging is so classic and very high end looking! On the upside, I loved the high shine lipsticks so much more! I loved the color selection, I loved how it felt on my lips, and it didn’t try them out! YES!

LS3 Tender Tuberose

The Velvet Kiss Lip Color (matte) comes
in the white packaging.

Swatched on my hand

LS1 Set Me Freesia

These are the other items from the line that I am gushing about! The blush and bronzer duo is to die for! Most def try it out if this is the one thing you’re going to buy. It’s very pigmented, I love the color pay off on my skin and it’s not to sparkly. Perfect for contouring!
BD3 Shimmering Goddess

I freaking love the packaging, don’t you? It’s so posh!

Last, but not least is her nail polish! I only tried one color but seriously, I should’ve just gotten all the colors! The one I got is very opaque and I have been looking for a peach color that will be great for spring and summer and this is the perfect match! I can’t get enough of this color. This is another must have for sure!

NP4 Gorgeous Gerbera

Well, that’s it folks! Make sure you check out her cosmetic line at www.walmart.com to see all the other stuff she has! I’m probably gonna try out her mascara line. I heard they were fab! Thanks again and talk to you soon!!!

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