June 2016 Favorites

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Hello Friends! Sorry this post took me a while.

We have had a crazy last couple of weeks since we have family visiting from overseas and prepping for this little munchkin to come! But now that I’m officially on maternity leave, I have some time for posting and some nesting. Here are my faves for the month of June.

Okay so I was told that babies grow half a pound a week on your third trimester but my midwife also told me that this last few weeks I would have the most appetite so I have been eating whatever I feel like eating….eeeks! With that being said, chocolate cake is my number one enemy!! Any chocolate cake, I would eat.

Thanks to Influenster for sending me over the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick. I’ve always had a thing for matte lipsticks but this one doesn’t come off. The red really went well with my complexion and I only had to apply one more time during work.

My Nike Free Fly Knits are my favorite to wear during my third trimester. I wear it pretty much everywhere from the grocery store, to running errands. It’s so light and comfortable it’s like wearing nothing! I’m obsessed!!

While nesting and cleaning, I’ve been into some relaxing acoustic music. I’ve been loving the Jeremy Passion station on Pandora. It relaxes me while I fold laundry, cook, clean, or even driving. I guess it’s my way of preparing myself for this big marathon you call labor.

Let’s be clear here, I can cook but I’m not a baker. So while I still have a little time, I’ve been really wanting to learn how to bake. Like real baking. No out of the box cupcakes haha! Legit measuring and baking times. I’ll send an update once I’ve perfected french macarons.

June 2016 Favorites
Nike shoes//Maybelline makeup

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