Monday Rant: How I’m feeling with my pregnancy
this time around…

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I’m finally on my second trimester and I’m feeling great! I have a lot more energy and I find the baby kicking most of the time. I gotta say, this pregnancy is very different from my first one. I guess I’m ten years older this time (why did I wait that long?) and I’m also working full time. But I’ve done a few things that helped me along the way.  With the second pregnancy, the bump is showing a little bit faster than I’d like it to be (I’m only 18 weeks and it looks like I’m 23 weeks).

I’m gonna keep it real right here. My first trimester was a hot mess! I had the worst morning sickness and I was extremely exhausted. I could barely get up. It felt like my body was shutting down. But I was optimistic. Now that I’m on my second trimester, I have better energy and can stay up a little later than norm. (woot!!) Another thing is, since I’m in my 30s, I’m considered “high risk” (meaning in the pregnancy world if you’re 35 and older, you’re “old” and I had take so many blood tests and more vitamin supplements because they said I’m anemic. GREAT!

I’m actually a little scared to give birth. Because now, I know what to expect. I’m just hoping that I can just pop the baby out no problem you know? I’m sure it’s not going to be that easy but I’m ready to prepare my home (I’m having a home birth) and I’m doing things that has been helping me along the way.  So thankful for my partner and my daughter. They have been super supportive and helpful!

I’m not expert, I’m just sharing things that I’m doing that helped me along the way. I hope you find this helpful and feel free to comment and share your experiences as well.

1. Prenatal Yoga or any Exercise.
Since, I’ve gained my energy back, I’ve been wanting to go to Prenatal yoga. I took prenatal yoga when I was pregnant with Crea, and it helped with my birthing tremendously. I was able to relax and take deep breaths in between contractions. It was also a good way to exercise and stretch my body. I was also able to do some light meditations when I was in labor.

2. Water is key!
I have had so many juice cravings that sometimes I forget to drink water. It will be really hard once you become dehydrated during your pregnancy:( Just remember, you are now sharing nutrients with your baby so you have to double up on everything.

3. Eating in moderation
Just imagine your stomach and intestines being super squeezed because of a growing human in there that there’s not a lot of room! Trust me, I have been eating so much that I was starting to have heart burn and that does not sound or feel good!

4.Taking time for yourself.
On my days off, besides doing Mom duties, if I don’t feel like doing anything, I don’t do it! I used to think OMG there’s so much to be done in the house, etc. But I realized, when the new baby comes, I will have double of everything! So take the time now to relax and rest.

5. This might be an overshare, but Kegel Exercises are SUPER IMPORTANT!
If you’re wondering what they are, its an exercise that strengthens your pelvic muscles. Like you’re holding to go potty and you’re flexing your muscles. Trust girl, this will help you before and after you have your baby! You don’t want to be peeing all over the place!

Well I feel like I’ve ranted for a while now,  let me know if you have any mom or pregnancy advice that helped you along the way!


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