February 2016 Faves

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February 2016 Faves

Even though February was a leap year, I felt like the month went by fast. Happy March everyone! This is especially my favorite month (I’m sure you know why haha) because this is when Spring happens and it’s also my daughter’s birthday month! I’ve rounded up my favorites for the month of Februray! Drum roll please….

I have more of an appetite now that I’m on my second trimester but my cravings are through the roof! I was obsessed with (and still am currently)  Skippy’s Natural Peanut Butter with Honey. It is sooo delish! I usually eat it with another craving, Apples! I just slice it up and scoop some PB on there and it most def satisfies the craving.

Ever since Queen B came out with formation, that has been the non stop play on phone! I mean in my world, she always slays! Listen to it, and you’ll know what I mean. PS: Also loved the message behind it!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would notice that I have been obsessing over these light gray 3 eye docs oxfords and I’ve been rockin’ them on repeat. They are a great neutral color plus they go with everything that I have. Not to mention, they are pretty comfy. Perfect for work and being on my feet.

I’m a planner and calendar type of gal. I can’t juggle everything on my phone so I’m so glad I found the cutest calendar from Paper Source. The one I got is really minimal but they also have other ones with the cutest designs and they are on sale for 75% at the moment!

I’m no make up genius so I mostly don’t spend a lot on makeup but I do like to contour. So when Wet N’ Wild came out with their new highlight/contour palette, I wanted to test it out. It’s nice because I’ve had bronzers before that were way too shiny or a little sparkly for my taste and this is just the perfect shade for me.

What were your favorites last month?


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