Monday Rant: 34 Weeks and My Birth Prep

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photos by: Nikki De Leon

In about a month, I’ll be meeting my little one. I’ve been doing a lot of nesting these days hence I’ve been m.i.a in the blogosphere. I’ve been on errand mode trying to get my birth figured out and since school is out for the summer with my fifth grader, trying to figure out camp situations. 

Even though this is my second time around, I still feel anxiety and a little nervous about birthing. One, I’m 11 years older (my body definitely changed) and you never know what to expect. But I guess being at home delivering will be more comfortable for me. I had my first one at home, so this one is also going to be the same. I know you can’t predict what’s about to happen but here are some of the things that I’ve been doing to help myself prep for the birth.
Have a Birth Plan
This helped me out a lot with my first birth. Everyone that knows me, can tell you that I’m a super spontaneous person, but with this one, I want to make sure I have a plan. It doesn’t need to be very detailed but just know who you want there and what each person’s role are. I have some friends coming and they know that when they get a call, they have got to get their butts to my house. I find that this has been a great help especially with an 11 year old (someone has to watch her).
Birth Kit
I didn’t know these things existed until the midwife told me about them. Personally, I think they are super helpful because all the things that you might need for a home birth is in a box. I got my birth kit from a local place in Portland but you can also find them online. Birth Kits include disposable sheets (it can get dirty), clamp for the cord, gauze, disposable underwear, and pads. 
This is super important and one of the hardest things for me. Even though my partner has been super helpful with cleaning, there still little things here and there you want to accomplish as far as cleaning. Making sure the tub is clean (I want to be in the water), the floor swept, and getting the baby’s clothes washed and ready to go. 
Pamper yourself
I know that getting pedicures and manicures helped me relax with my first pregnancy. The last thing you want is to be super stressed before the baby comes. I remember getting a prenatal massage with my last one and it helped so much. Your muscles get so sore especially the lower back, I was feeling so good after and refreshed!!
Perennial Massage and Kegel Exercises
This might be TMI, but this kind of massage is necessary so you don’t tear. This explains more of what a perennial massage is. Another thing that’s pretty important is the kegel exercises. As you get older, it’s important to do this other wise, you will find your self not being able to control your bladder. Trust me!
I hope some of these help. Just wanted to share my personal experiences with other expecting parent like me. I would love to know what you do to prep for the birth:) Leave me a comment! Would love to hear.

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