The one accessory everyone is wearing this Spring!

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photos by: Nikki De Leon
Going through social media, there was definitely one accessory that everyone is rocking during fashion weeks: The belt. They are super on trend at the moment, they come in patterns, different textures, and the buckles. Thanks to Gucci and that GG logo, the belt trend is everywhere during winter and I’m not surprise that it’s going to trickle down into spring. 
Am I a belt person? No. Not really. Well, I used to wear them a lot growing up because when I was a young adolescent, I had long legs but was super teenee that my jeans would fall off without them. So I had to wear a belt. I liked how they looked, but for some reason, they were uncomfortable to wear. So for the longest time, I avoided wearing belts until I found one that actually fits. Enter brand Embrazio.  When their company rep, Jen contacted me, I instantly fell involve with their amazing leather handbags and clutches (never thought of the belt). More on the beautiful totes in another post. So when they told me that they would throw in a belt for me to style, your girl over here was excited! More excited to give this accessory another chance. I mean, it’s trending at the moment so why not. 
They had some awesome designs on their website, I couldn’t make up my mind but I ended up with the Perforata in dark brown with a gold tip. I’m truly amazed at how they fit! The unique curved design is so comfortable and it doesn’t leave any gaps in the back. I’m more impressed at how comfortable it is and it just sits right on my hip without hitting any bones. It’s seriously way better than a straight belt. I mean, how did I not know that this stuff existed? Shout out to the founders and owners of Embrazio, Stehpanie and Scott! Not only did you make something so useful and comfortable, you also had real people in mind! And this belt is classic. What are your thoughts on belts? Let me know in the comments below!

Belt: Embrazio
Mom Jeans: Thrifted
White Tee: Forever 21
Long Cardigan: Forever 21


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